Charles Couppe

Charles COUPPE


SERIP France, Société d'Etudes et de Réalisations Industrielles de Pompage, has been created in Paris in 1997 by Mr. Charles Couppe, CNAM engineer and former director of the industrial division of a world leader in the production of concrete pumps.


He chose to use his knowledge in the field of pasty consistency material pumping ,activity neglected by French companies.


In 2002, "Serip France", settled in a small town of France, opened a second facility plant of 2000 with 400 m² of offices.


In 2005, the company got 50% of the French market. 100% in 2013.


The company specializes in the creation and marketing of specific pumps for pasty materials.

SERIP France is part of:

afite petitBiogaz petit


Participation in the exhibition Hydrogaïa Montpellier.

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Participation in the exhibition POLLUTEC in LYON